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Latest MLR Law Journal Features Student Comments

April 6, 2010

Melissa Greenidge, Marvin Stroud, Christina Eastman and Ronald Darbee

From left, Melissa Greenidge, Marvin Stroud, Christina Eastman and Ronald Darbee

Four students who will graduate next month wrote comments that were published in Volume 41, Issue 2 of the McGeorge Law Review.

Ronald Darbee wrote "Personal Jurisdiction as a Defense to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards." He recommends that personal jurisdiction be barred as a defense during a proceeding to recognize or enforce a foreign arbitral award.

Christina Eastman contributed "Statutory Regulation of Legal Parentage in Cases of Artificial Insemination by Donor: A New Frontier of Gender Discrimination." She says that the federal courts should encourage the states to enact gender-neutral statutory protections for gamete donors by invalidating sperm donation statutes.

Melissa Greenidge wrote "Getting the Train on the Right Track: A Modern Proposal for Changes to the Federal Employees' Liability Act." Her analysis concludes that cumulative-trauma claims should be severed from Federal Employees' Liability Act coverage and placed in a no-fault system designed specifically for the railroad industry.

Marvin Stroud contributed " 'Don't Put Your Eggs in One Basket': Reforming 401 (k) Pensions to Address the Educational and Psychological Issues That Drive Good Employees to Make Bad Investment Decisions." He argues for two changes to the 401 (k) pension system -- one that forces a diversification within the plan's stockholdings and another mandating that the employer's stock be banned from the plan's holdings.

A fifth MLR student, Ryan Young, had his comment, "Sharpen the Blade: Void for Vagueness and Service of Process Concerns in Civil, Gang Injunctions," published in an earlier MLR edition (Volume 40, Issue 4).