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Kulkarni Finger Regeneration A National News Story

September 10, 2010

Deepa Kulkarni

Deepa Kulkarni, '12

Second-year student Deepa Kulkarni, '12, was the subject of a CNN national news story on September 8, 2010, about the successful regeneration of her fingertip following a household accident.

Kulkarni lost the three-quarters inch tip of her right pinky finger when a slamming door chopped it off back in January. Bleeding heavily, she picked up the piece of finger and rode with her husband to the emergency room. The ER doctor said there was no way he could reattach it and an orthopedic surgeon suggested a small amputation to make it heal better. But an Internet search the next day led her to a University of Pittsburgh physician who helped pioneer a new procedure called tissue regeneration. So began a journey to a new fingertip that looks just as good as the old.

"Just by looking at it, you can't tell it was ever severed," says Kulkarni. "I'm doing everything I could do before."

Kulkarni, who did her undergraduate work in India and has a Master's in Labor & Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, worked in the human resources field for many years before coming to McGeorge. "A few of my fellow students and I started the student group -- MELLS - the McGeorge Employment and Labor Law Society," she says. "I hope to work in the employment and labor law field when I graduate."

And, of course, she has a renewed interest in the medical field.

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