McGeorge School of Law

Class of 2010 Celebrates Law School’s 86th Year

May 20, 2010

Commencement 2010

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McGeorge awarded 309 Juris Doctor degrees and 36 LLM degrees at a graduation ceremony on May 15, 2010, at Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium marking the culmination of its 86th academic year.

California State Senate President pro Tempore Darrell S. Steinberg delivered the commencement speaker address. He drew parallels between the political warfare raging between state legislators addressing California's financial problems and the challenges new attorneys would face when they begin to practice law.

"We have careened into a period where ideology has had a terribly corrosive effect on our ability to disagree," Steinberg said. "As new lawyers, you will be hired to be partisan, but you should always try to work with the other side. You can't, and shouldn't, stop listening to others who have a different point of view. Please don't make your legal opponent your enemy."

William Jackson (Day Division), Shelby Gatlin (Evening Division), and Grace Gatibaru, (LLM) each spoke as representatives of their classmates. Jared Laiti (Day Division) and Andrew Bernick (Evening Division) earned valedictorian honors.

Dean Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker presided over the ceremony and University of the President Dr. Pamela A. Eibeck joined her on the platform party. Provost Phil Gilbertson was honored for his 14 years of service to the University.

The following students were recognized at the commencement ceremony as selected by the Faculty Committee on Honors and Awards (Day Division honoree listed first):

Outstanding Graduating Senior Awards
David Wiksell
Jennie Bretschneider

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award
Evelyn Grosenick & Jared Laiti
Andrew Bernick & James Houston

Outstanding Student Achievement Award
Jennifer Marsh
Jennet Zapata

ALI-ABA Scholastic Achievement Award
Catherine Mattesich
Brianna Lierman

Outstanding Student Service Award
Nubia Lemus
Melissa Johnson

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities
Caitlin Howard
Joseph Thuesen