McGeorge School of Law

California Initiative Review Available Online

October 20, 2010

The 12th edition of McGeorge's California Initiative Review is available on-line to the public.

The review, which began in 1998, features a non-partisan, objective analysis of each of the statewide measures on the November 2, 2010 ballot. Law student authors have produced detailed extensive reports on each of California's nine propositions.

Andrea Dupray and Adam Cate are the editors of CIR Fall 2010. Student staff writers for the November 2010 ballot include: Proposition 19, Kori Hilton and Katherine Oldham; Proposition 20, Matt Vance and Steve Kelly; Proposition 21, Sarah Chesteen and Christine Harlan; Proposition 22, Amanda Allen and Johanna Michael; Proposition 23, Leila Mironova and Bindhu Varghese; Proposition 24, Marla Kurtz and Mallory Lass; Proposition 25, Marcus Arneson and John Powell; Proposition 26, Julia DeVos and Amber Simmons; and Proposition 27, Anna Buck and Christina Johnson. In addition, Christine Collins did a special report on the constitutional challenges facing the four different systems used in primary elections across the country.

Professor Mary-Beth Moylan, who teaches the California Initiative Seminar at McGeorge, oversaw the publication of the document. "We'll be hosting the California Initiative Forum on Wednesday, October 27, at the Lecture Hall," she said. "Copies of the CIR, as well as brief 'Initiatives at a Glance' will be available. We hope to see a large turnout of fellow students, faculty and interested citizens at the forum."