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2009 State Legislation Gets Greensheets Review

May 11, 2010

2010 Greensheets Staff

2010 Greensheets Staff: Front row, from left, Ashley Lavon Hines, Krystal Collins, Nadia Mahallati, Bahara Hosseini, Gregory Hynes, Catherine Nystrom, Eric Brennemen, and Jean-Michel LeCointre. Standing, Nathan Ganong, Jessica Lee, Edmund Yan, Adam Guernsey, Carolyn Gemma, Justin Delacruz, Kristin Weigle, Boryana Georgieva, Corrie Erickson, and Farid Sharaby.

The McGeorge Law Review's annual "Greensheets" edition is out with its Review of Selected 2009 California Legislation.

Volume 41, Issue 3 of the law journal features the work of 25 students that analyses significant changes in 14 areas of the law, including business and professions, civil, civil procedure, education, evidence, government, health and safety, insurance, labor, penal, public contract, public utilities, revenue and tax, and unemployment insurance.

Eric Brenneman, Adam Cate, Skylar Curtis, Ashley Lavon Hines, Bahara Hosseini, Jessica Lee, Catherine Nystrom, Steve Stratton, Brooke Tomlinson and Edmund Yan each wrote two articles for the volume.

Krystal Collins, Corrie Erickson, Justin Delacruz, Carolyn Gemma, Boryana Georgieva, Adam Guernsey, Michael Hearn, Gregory Hynes, Jean-Michel LeCointre, Scott Mallery, Nadia Michalatti, Christian Misenas, Seth Reagan, Farid Sharaby and Kristin Weigle were other contributors.

Alexis Klein served as chief legislation editor, supervising a staff of more than 30 writers and editors. Kara Rosenberg Cain, Nathanial Clark, Tiffany Corona, Christina Eastman, Christopher Sipes and Marvin Stroud served on her editorial staff.

The 320-page document, one of the largest editions of the "Greensheets" in more than a decade, includes tables of affected code sections, bill numbers and chapter numbers. If you would like to purchase a Greensheets copy, please contact computer publishing specialist Pauline Rodriquez by fax at 739-7360.