McGeorge School of Law

Twenty-Nine Admitted To High Court

December 2, 2009


The McGeorge Alumni Association sponsored a swearing-in ceremony.

The McGeorge Alumni Association sponsored a swearing-in ceremony on November 18, 2009, at the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C.

Twenty-nine alumni participated in the ceremony. They were Robert Apon, LLM '98, Stanley Boone, '95, Ronald Cassells, '79, James Day Jr., '73, Larry Dunn, '84, Barry Fadem, '79, Glenn A. Fait, '71, Kurt Franke, '88, Peter Glick, '87, Pamela Gourley, '01, Shanti Halter, '01, Jorg-Andre Harnisch, LLM '98, Debra Kazanjian, '79, Kathleen Lyon, '04, John Masterman, '78, Gustavo Matheus, '96, Craig Mausler, '83, Mary McGuire, '83, Dennis O'Connor, '82, Rocco Paternoster, '98, Keith Pershall, LLM '95, Michael G. Polis, '94, John Ramirez, '98, Lawrence Skidmore, '88, Colette Stone, '87, Thomas Tarkoff, '92, Vida Thomas, '93, Yolanda Torres, '00, and Reinhard von Hennigs, LLM '98,

The new admittees, along with cameraman Robert Bell, '79, who was already a member of the esteemed club, met later with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and many attended a D.C. Alumni Chapter reception that evening.