McGeorge School of Law

Students Author Four Comments

February 12, 2009

Four students authored comments that appear in the latest edition (Volume 40, Issue 1) of the McGeorge Law Review. The volume also includes several articles authored by law professors and attorneys, including retired Superior Court Judge Harvey Schneider’s first-hand look, “Katz v. United States: The Untold Story,” at a famous Supreme Court case, and Peter Winn’s examination of that case’s profound impact, “Katz and the Origins of the ‘Reasonable Expectation of Privacy’ Test.” Schneider and Winn appeared at a public forum on the McGeorge campus on Feb. 9, 2009, to discuss their articles.

Matthew Cody, ’09, wrote “Special Solicitude for States in the Standing Analysis: A New Type of Federalism,” which explores the role of parens patriae in the balance of power between the federal government and states’ right

Yury Kolesnikov, ’09, the MLR chief articles editor, contributed “Meddling with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations: The Dilemma and Proposed Statutory Solutions” that examines statutory solutions for bringing the United States in line with its international obligations under that convention.

Preston Morgan, ’09, wrote “Public Assistance for the Price of Privacy: Leaving the Door Open on Welfare Homes Searches,” which discusses the Fourth Amendment implications of home intrusions for people receiving government assistance.

Kelsey Papst, ’09, contributed “Protecting the Voiceless: Ensuring ICE’s Compliance with Standards that Protect Immigration Detainees” that outlines proposed legal protections for immigrant detainees.