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Malloy: Policies Cause Negative Impact

September 25, 2009

Professor Michael Malloy

Professor Michael Malloy

Professor Michael Malloy raised a series of issues about the impact of financing policies and practices on green urban planning on September 24, 2009, at the 70th Session of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, Committee on Land and Housing Management in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Choice of particular alternatives with respect to financing of housing will often skew the outcome of housing policy in relation to social and environmental policies,” Malloy argued. “Emphasis on individual home ownership as a goal of finance policy will often encourage suburban and exurban sprawl, to the detriment of the condition of cities -- as in the United States, where significant government support for single-family housing has had the perverse consequence of draining small to mid-size cities of human and financial resources.”

Malloy was invited to participate in the conference, which took place at the UN Geneva headquarters, as an expert on bank regulatory law. He is a distinguished professor and scholar at McGeorge and the faculty adviser to the J.D. Certificate Program in International Legal Studies.