McGeorge School of Law

Holiday Cheer Comes Before Exams

December 9, 2009

Angel Tree Gifts

Angel Tree Gifts

McGeorge students broke for fall semester exams in early December, but not before spreading a little holiday cheer to many in the surrounding Oak Park community.

The SBA and the Community Relations Committee staged a Canned Food Challenge to see which group (Day students, Evening students, or faculty and staff) could gather the greatest amount of canned goods just before Thanksgiving. The Day students emerged victorious by gathering 313 pounds of food. Nearly a half ton of goods found its way to the Sacramento Food Bank.

The Sacramento Food Bank also received a check for $1,575.00 from generous faculty and staff donations in lieu of receiving a Thanksgiving turkey for their families from the law school.

McGeorge's annual "Angel Tree" effort was a big success again as 137 gifts were donated to the Oak Park Neighborhood Association for distribution to needy area children. The Phi Delta Phi chapter played a leading role in this effort and organized a wrapping party prior to delivery.

Several other student organizations conducted activities to help the local community during the holiday season including Phi Alpha Delta, Women's Caucus, Lambda, and PLSS.