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Greensheets 2008 Review Available

May 12, 2009

The McGeorge Law Review Volume 40 Board of Editors

The McGeorge Law Review Volume 40 Board of Editors

The McGeorge Law Review’s annual “Greensheets” edition is out with a Review of Selected 2008 California Legislation.

Volume 40, Issue 2 of the law journal features the work of 26 students who analyzed significant changes in 15 areas of the law, including business and professions, civil, civil procedure, education, food and agriculture, government, health and safety, military and veterans, penal, probate, public resources, revenue and taxation, streets and highways, vehicle, and welfare and institutions.

Vincent Buehler, Kara Rosenberg Cain, Julia Capozzi, Nathaniel Clark, Christina Eastman, Stephanie Hartung, Chol Daniel Kim, William Kramer, Rebecca Rabovsky, Daniel Shelton and David Wiksell each wrote two articles for the volume. Seth Benkle, Amber Burroff, Tiffany Corona, Evelyn Grosenick, Alexis Klein, Alex Harary, Kevin Menes, Mani Partheesh, Michael Ritter, Corin Sexton, Ira Steinberg, Christopher Stipes, Marvin Stroud, Andrenna Taylor and Derrick Thomas were among the other contributors.

David Muradyan was the chief legislation editor, operating under the direction of editor-in-chief Cameron Desmond. Legislation editors included Robert Carlin, Serena Crouch, Oona Mallett, Colleen Snyder and Stephanie Watson

If you would like to purchase a Greensheets copy, please contact computer publishing specialist Pauline Rodriquez by fax at 739-7360 or email, Pauline Rodriguez.