McGeorge School of Law

Energy and Water Conference Features Weber, McCaffrey

June 4, 2009

Professor Gregory Weber

Professor Gregory Weber

Professors Gregory Weber and Steve McCaffrey participated in a major Canadian international water law conference, “Critical Intersections for Energy & Water Law: Exploring New Challenges and Opportunities,” co-sponsored by McGeorge in late May.

Weber, the director of the Institute for Sustainable Development, was a co-organizer of the event, which took place at the University of Calgary in Alberta. One of the first-day presenters was Professor Steve McCaffrey, who spoke on “Energy, Water Law and the Nile.” Weber also chaired the second day of the May 20-21 conference.

The UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science, University of Dundee ( United Kingdom) was the third co-sponsor of the conference, which brought together legal academics, practitioners, business leaders, and regulatory officials from around the world.

Attendees explored the domestic and transnational intersections of energy and water law regimes.

Alastair Lucas, dean of the University of Calgary law school, and Patricia Woulters, director of the UNESCO Centre, worked with Weber for more than a year in planning the event.