McGeorge School of Law

Trials By Fire

December 19, 2008

Miranda Carroll

Third-year law student Miranda Carroll questions the jury to gauge if they can be impartial.

McGeorge has one of the strongest Trial Advocacy courses in the country — no wonder it’s the most popular elective on campus.

The course offers upper-division students a chance to put into practice all they have learned in law school in a trial setting that features an actual sitting judge from Superior Court or the Court of Appeal and a jury of citizens drawn from community volunteers.

Whether they choose a criminal or civil case, the trial that culminates the course is as realistic as any an aspiring attorney can participate in — right down to the butterflies that flutter in every student’s stomach the morning of the trial as they enter the judge’s chambers for pre-trial motions.

Read more about this courtroom experience that many students call their “best day in law school” in this article from the December 19, 2008 issue of the Sacramento Bee newspaper.