McGeorge School of Law

State Legislation Under A Green Microscope

May 20, 2008

The McGeorge Law Review’s annual "Greensheets" edition is out with a Review of Selected 2007 California Legislation.

Volume 39, Issue 2 of the law journal features the work of 21 students that analyses significant changes in 13 areas of the law, including business and professions, civil, civil procedure, education, elections, family, government, health and safety, penal, public utilities, revenue and tax, vehicle, and welfare and institutions.

Robert Carlin, Regina Cabral Jones, Yury Kolesnikov, Philip Lee, Alanna Lungren, David Muradyan, Colleen Snyder, Pritree Tharkarsey, Stephanie Watson and Jaqueline Yee each wrote two articles for the volume. Chad Bacchus, Issac Bacher, Brett Bitzer, James Bothwell, Daniel Boyle, Matt Cody, Serena Crouch, Oona Mallett, Melissa Meth, Preston Morgan and Corey Ordonez were other contributors.

Jennifer Williams was the chief legislation editor, operating under the direction of editor-in-chief Joseph Klatt.