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Joint Classes Explore Law/Medicine Nexus

April 16, 2008

Law/Medicine Nexus

 Joint class

McGeorge law students and UC Davis Medical Center medical students held two joint classes in early April to exchange ideas and concerns between the two disciplines on how to deal with the rights of patients facing death. Forty law students from three upper-division elective courses (Elder Law & Social Policy, Health Law, Bioethics) were involved in the scripted and unscripted sessions with 80 med students.

The three-hour classes, organized by Professor Ned Spurgeon, the Gordon D. Schaber Professor of Health Law & Policy at McGeorge, and hosted by UC Med Center, were believed to be a first-of-its-kind program in California.

“There’s room for better understanding between doctors and lawyers,” said Spurgeon. “The Terri Schiavo case brought this into sharper focus. Hopefully, these types of programs will mean better-educated doctors and lawyers with respect to enabling patients to have their surrogates make better decisions.”

Professors Larry Levine and Kathleen Friedrich participated as facilitators along with adjunct professor Melissa Brown, Institute for Health and Aging research fellow Anne Marie Marciarille, and Jenny Phillips, ’07, who is pursuing her LLM in Government Affairs with an emphasis on Health Law.