McGeorge School of Law

China USAID Program Continues

August 20, 2008

Professors Fred Galves, Brian Landsberg and Cary Bricker

Professors Fred Galves, Brian Landsberg and Cary Bricker

Under the auspices of its USAID China grant program, McGeorge conducted its second workshop on experiential legal education in China, held from July 21 to August 7 in Hangzhou.

Professor Brian Landsberg directed and taught in the program along with Professors Cary Bricker, Fred Galves, Jay Leach, Jarrod Wong, and LLM graduates Luo Wenyan, ’08, and Hu Minfei.

Thirty-seven participants from McGeorge’s partner schools attended the summer session along with teachers from the Yale China project and the Commission of Chinese Clinical Legal Educators.

McGeorge’s advocacy workshops began with classes on how to teach negotiation and mediation skills. The second week of classes concentrated on the teaching of arbitration skills.

While in Hangzhou, the Zhejiang Gongshang University Faculty of Law conferred on Professor Landsberg the title of Honorary Professor of Law.