McGeorge School of Law

Pacific Offers Accelerated Honors Law Program Next Fall

September 14, 2007

University of the Pacific (Pacific) is pleased to announce the Pacific Legal Scholars Program, a unique accelerated honors law program being offered in conjunction with McGeorge School of Law. The Pacific Legal Scholars Program offers students interested in pursuing a career in law the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in a liberal arts or business major and a JD degree in an abbreviated period of time. Unlike standard pre-law majors, the Pacific Legal Scholars Program is designed to allow students exposure to and participation in legal activities and scholarship as early as their freshman year and as late as the first semester of their junior year depending on which track they take. Additionally, Pacific Legal Scholars benefit from:

  • Participation in the Pacific Honors Program
  • Guaranteed admission to McGeorge School of Law *
  • Completion of bachelor’s and JD degrees in six (or seven) years
  • An undergraduate curriculum designed prepare students for the rigors of law school
  • Undergraduate access to law faculty, legal practitioners and special events at McGeorge School of Law
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Internship opportunities in the legal community

By incorporating the undergraduate experience with unique one unit seminars designed to help students explore various legal career opportunities, and interaction with law faculty at McGeorge and on the Stockton campus, Pacific Legal Scholars will reap the rewards of a highly personalized, student-centered education, that will prepare them for the rigors of law school and lay the foundation for successful legal careers.

Starting in the fall of 2008, the program will allow students to complete their bachelor’s and law degrees in six or seven years. All Pacific Legal Scholars will work directly with Dr. Cindy Ostberg, director of the Program, to design an individualized curriculum based on their chosen major. For more information and admissions requirements, contact Dr. Cindy Ostberg, Pre-Law Advisor and Director of the Pacific Legal Scholars Program at Legal Scholars or 209.946.2194 or Adam Barrett, McGeorge Dean of Admissions, at 916.739.7105.

*Students must complete an application for admission to McGeorge and meet all admission criteria, including the median LSAT score and undergraduate GPA for the prior year’s matriculating students. In 2007 those medians were 158 on the LSAT and a 3.42 GPA