McGeorge School of Law

Kelsos Launch First Con Law E-Treatise

October 1, 2007

Charles and Randall Kelso

Charles and Randall Kelso

Charles Kelso has been teaching law for 56 years, but he is by no means set in his ways.

The McGeorge professor and his son, Randall, who teaches at South Texas College of Law, have published the first electronic treatise on constitutional law in the history of American legal education. The book, The Path of Constitutional Law, is available online to students at all the law schools. It is the first of what Kelso predicts will be many electronic treatises in law.

“The 2,040-page treatise is a bargain at $14.95,” said Kelso. “Any law student can access a free, 130-page summary of the book and decide whether or not to pay for a download of the whole thing.” And Kelso isn’t resting on his e-laurels. “I’m creating an electronic Con Law coursebook,” he said. “I have a completed draft for the fall semester and am working on spring materials. About 20 of my current students are taking the course electronically. It’ll be interesting to see how they do in comparison to other students, but I can tell you they appreciate getting a coursebook for free instead of paying $130 for a conventional coursebook.”