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Carter Works with Africa Judges

October 19, 2007

West African Colloquium 2007

West African Colloquium 2007

Professor Linda Carter was among the facilitators at the 2nd West African Judicial Colloquium, held October 8-10 in Accra, Ghana.

The conference, which brought together supreme and high court judges from 15 different countries, furthered efforts to create a strong network of national judges with access to information on judicial systems around the world. Carter, whose recent scholarship and research focuses on international criminal law, presented information about how the courts could benefit from legal internship programs. She outlined the operation of such programs in both the U.S. and international courts, stressing that young and computer-savvy law students can fill the need that exists in many courts for well-trained researchers.

Carter further emphasized that creating a relationship between the national courts and local law schools is also a way in which to strengthen the legal capacity within a country as both the students and courts benefit. The colloquium was sponsored by Brandeis University's International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life, the Faculty of the University of Ghana, and the African Foundation for International Law. Much of Carter's work in recent years in Europe and Africa has been in support of the Brandeis Center. The Ford Foundation provided funding for the October event.