McGeorge School of Law

Alums Sworn-In At Supreme Court

May 24, 2007

New inductees

New inductees

Nine alumni participated in a swearing-in ceremony sponsored by the McGeorge Alumni Association at the Supreme Court of the United States on May 21.

The alums met with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy afterward and a reception followed with the Washington D.C. Alumni Chapter at the Willard Hotel. The new inductees included: Frank Abi-Nader, ’75, Lenore Albert, ’97, Bob Armstrong, ’78, Kathleen Bramwell, ’89 Erin Dunston, ’99, Sean Dunston, ’98, Evelyn Matteucci, ’77, Margaret Shedd, ’75, and Howard Stagg, ’70. McGeorge’s International Board of Advisors also had a meeting in conjunction with the Washington, D.C. Professor Michael Malloy, the director of the law school’s Center for Global Business & Development, gave an update on the center’s new initiatives. Board members present included Alastair Lucas, Louis Del Duca, Winfried van den Muijsenbergh, Frank Wang, Hansjuergen Schnur, John Scriven, Keith Pershall and Sidney Picker.