McGeorge School of Law

Yelpaala Addresses African Investment

November 21, 2006

Professor Kojo Yelpaala spoke about his new article, “In Search of a Model Investment Law,” on October 31 at an African Development Bank meeting in Tunis, Tunisia.

The lengthy paper, which examines investment laws in Africa from a comparative and historical perspective, appears in the inaugural issue of the group’s Law for Development Review. It argues for a fresh approach to stimulate investment that includes: 1) breaking the continent’s raw materials vulnerability dependence that only attracts “scoop and ship” operations; 2) reaching and empowering the “guts” (small- to medium-size enterprises) of the economy; and 3) targeting high-value investment. Yelpaala was a founding member of the African Law Institute, which is dedicated to the harmonization of the continent’s key laws.