McGeorge School of Law

Renowned Practitioners and Law Professors To Teach International Law Courses This Spring

January 13, 2006

During the spring semester, McGeorge is pleased to offer an exciting line-up of special international law courses, taught by eight renowned international practitioners and law professors. Each of these visitors has an expertise in a particular field of law. Below is a brief biography of each visiting lecturer:

January 9 - 13, Comparative Competition Law:

Andrew Ward, Bufete Cuatrecasas, Madrid, Spain. Andrew is a Cambridge graduate who has worked in London as a barrister and as an associate with Cleary, Gottlieb in Brussels. For the past four years, Andrew has been a member of the competition law section of Cuatrecasas, one of Spain’s leading law firms and has been based in the Madrid office of the firm. This is his first time teaching for McGeorge.

January 17 - 20, Comparative Competition Law:

Concepcion (Cani) Fernandez, Bufete Cuatrecasas, Brussels, Belgium. Cani is originally from Pamplona, and is currently the Managing Partner of the Brussels office of Cuatrecasas as well as head of the competition law section. She has clerked for a judge of the European Court of First Instance in Brussels, and she has taught for McGeorge in the pre-internship portion of the LLM program since the mid-1990’s during the time that the classes were given in Salzburg.

January 23 - 27, International Insolvency:

Alexander Klauser; Klauser, Brauneis & Praendl; Vienna, Austria. Alexander, a Vienna native, was originally a student in McGeorge’s LLM program, completing the internship portion only. He has taught for McGeorge in Salzburg every year since 1990. He is a founding partner of his law firm in Vienna, and his expertise is in insolvency law.

January 30 - February 3, International Insolvency:

Tom Salerno; Squire, Sanders & Dempsey; Phoenix, AZ. Tom is head of his firm’s restructuring and insolvency practice. He has been involved in redrafting the insolvency laws of several countries and has written extensively in the field of bankruptcy law. A former director of the American Bankruptcy Institute, Tom has taught in the Salzburg pre-internship since the mid-1990’s.


February 6 - 10, International Business Agreements:

Winfried van den Muijsenbergh; Loyens & Loeff; Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Winfried is a founding member of the law school’s International Board of Advisors and has taught in the pre-internship program for nearly 20 years. He studied law at the University of Leiden and heads the corporate practice for one of the leading Dutch law firms.


February 13 - 17, International Business Agreements:


February 20 - March 3, European Constitutional Law:

Roland Winkler, Assistant Professor, University of Salzburg, Austria. Roland is a native Salzburger and is the assistant to Professor and former Dean Walter Berka of the University of Salzburg Faculty of Law. He specializes in European law generally with a focus on constitutional law in Europe. It will be his first time teaching in Sacramento.

March 6 - 17, Comparative Criminal Law and Procedure

Mauricio Duce, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile. Mauricio has been instrumental in the restructuring of the Chilean criminal procedure into a more American-style adversarial process. He is an acknowledged expert in criminal procedure in Chile, and he has taught in several countries, though this will be his first time teaching at McGeorge.