McGeorge School of Law

International Advocacy Closing Night

September 14, 2006

Dena Coggins 2E was named Top Advocate at the International Advocacy Program’s Closing Night of Oral Arguments on April 5.

Coggins and Terry Leoni 2D represented the respondent in the finals against Matt Block 2D and Christian Camarce 2E on the applicant side. Judge John Hedigan of the European Court of Human Rights served on the judicial panel along with Professor Steve McCaffrey. Other students earning honors in the program included Colby Page, Jamie Jackson, Catherine Gunderson, Summer Haro, Mical Meciar, Carrie Avila, Nick Mahr, Antonia Plazibat, Brandon Takahashi, Suzanne Kennedy, Amir Ameri, Janice Lai and Kara Thiel.