McGeorge School of Law

Initiative Review Looks At June Ballot Measures

May 18, 2006

McGeorge released its latest edition of the California Initiative Review on May 18. Designed as a resource for voters, policymakers and the legal community, the new edition of the CIR examines two initiative battles set for the June 6 state election and three election law matters currently being debated in the state legislature and in the courts.

“The CIR puts California’s two initiatives and other current election law issues under the legal microscope by taking a hard look at the drafting and constitutional questions they raise,” said Professor Mary-Beth Moylan, who oversees the production of the review by law students. “Through objective analysis, our future lawyers hope to help the public better understand the significant legal and policy issues confronting them on the June ballot and their elected representatives.”

The ninth edition of the CIR reviews the two ballot propositions as well as other election law issues such as proposed initiative reforms, the possibility of re-introduction of the indirect initiative process in California, and the recent California Supreme Court decision relating to Proposition 77 from the March 2005 special election.

CIR student authors are: Kelly Nordli and Al Lundeen, Proposition 81; Stephanie Keeney and Juliette Tognetti, Proposition 82; Amanda Kirchner, Annalissa Ward and James Lynch. Tiffany Conklin served as editor in chief, and student editors included Nathan Barankin, Kenney and Ward.

The CIR is produced under the auspices of McGeorge’s Capital Center for Government Law and Policy.