McGeorge School of Law

Faculty, Students and Alums Help Rebuild Louisiana Justice System

November 7, 2006

Members of the McGeorge community will spend their winter holiday helping to rebuild the justice system of Louisiana, which was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The project is a cooperative effort with Tulane University Law School in New Orleans. Tulane faculty will provide complete orientation.

Associate Dean Glenn Fait (’71) organized McGeorge’s participation, recognizing a valuable learning experience for students and an opportunity to offer aid to a legal community devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Aiming to build a strong alumni contingent, Dean Fait notes that participants “don't need to be criminal law specialists to interview defendants, or analyze and prepare case summary memos—and orientation instruction will be provided by senior attorneys from the law school’s California Parole Advocacy Program and members of the Tulane faculty.”

By getting underway immediately following finals, arriving in New Orleans around December 14th, McGeorge will be the first group to participate in this effort, largely getting underway in spring 2007. Thus, according to Dean Fait, the McGeorge group will likely be assigned to New Orleans, rather than to other areas on the Gulf Coast devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The McGeorge team will receive its Orientation on December 15th and will address client needs from then through December 22nd.

As valuable as this initiative is, there is no funding available from Tulane or from Louisiana available to support it. Thus, participating faculty, students and alums must provide their own funding, with costs expected to be approximately $1,500/person (including airfare, food and lodging). Alumni and friends who may be unable to participate are encouraged to consider providing funding participation by one or more students.