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Dean Parker Attends Inaugural Declassification Board Meeting

March 7, 2006

Dean Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker attended the first meeting of the new Public Interest Declassification Board, held February 25 in Washington, D.C.

Much of the board’s discussion centered on recent reports on the withdrawal of historical documents from the open shelves of the National Archives initiated by certain national security agencies. The board was created by federal statute to promote public access to national security information and to advise the government on declassification policies and priorities.

“There is a critical balance between classification and openness to be struck, and we look forward to reaching out, not only to government officials, but to researchers, historians, academics, journalist, public interest groups, and members of the general public,” said L. Britt Snider, the board’s chair.

President George W. Bush appointed Dean Parker, former general counsel of the National Security Agency and the CIA, and four others to the board in November 2004. The remainder of the nine-person board is appointed by Congressional leadership.

The board, an advisory committee established by Congress, is scheduled to meet again on the first Saturday of April.