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Chilean Chief Justice Visits McGeorge

September 14, 2006

Marcos Libedinsky, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Chile, visited the McGeorge campus on December 16 as part of the law school’s ongoing Chilean initiative, which to date has included trial advocacy training for Chilean public prosecutors and public defenders, as well as the opening of exchange relationships with several Chilean universities. Chile is beginning the fifth year of criminal justice system reform, moving from trials conducted under the civil law inquisitorial system to trials using an adversarial system modeled on American criminal procedure.

McGeorge’s involvement with the Chilean legal community began in January and February 2004 when separate groups of public prosecutors and public defenders each underwent a week of training in American-style trial advocacy in Sacramento. This U.S. State Department-sponsored program proved so successful that it was repeated in early December with five McGeorge professors, Jay Leach, Greg Weber, Joe Taylor, Fred Galves and Ed Villmoare, traveling to Santiago to repeat the trial advocacy training for larger groups of public prosecutors and public defenders.

During his visit to Sacramento, Chief Justice Libedinsky met with members of the local judiciary, observed a criminal trial at the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, and discussed functions of the state Attorney General’s office with several of the top-ranking deputy Attorneys General.

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