McGeorge School of Law

Students Provide In-Depth Analysis of Pending Ballot Measures in Initiative Forum

October 25, 2005

On Thursday, Nov. 3 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in Classroom A, McGeorge students who participated in the California Initiative Review (CIR) will present their reports in an Initiative Forum. Each student will provide a ten minute summary of the proposition analysis he/she prepared ahead of California’s upcoming special election scheduled for November 8.

The CIR is a non-partisan, objective Internet publication which provides comprehensive, independent analyses of California Ballot initiatives and related issues. CIR is written by McGeorge students in the California Initiative Seminar course and edited by a board of editors under faculty supervision, and posted on the Internet as a public service to California.

The goal of the Initiative Forum is be open to the public.

CIR is produced under the auspices of the Governmental Affairs Program and the Institute for Legislative Practice, directed by Professor J. Clark Kelso, at the University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law. CIR is supervised by Mary-Beth Moylan, Assistant Director, Appellate Advocacy and Lecturer in Law. The goal of CIR is threefold:

1.) The contributors and editors of CIR are committed to providing the public with objective legal analyses of current initiatives before the People of California.

2.) The contributors and editors are committed to providing independent legal analyses of past ballot measures that were adopted by the People of California.

3.) The contributors and editors of CIR are committed to providing in-depth reports on issues of current and ongoing interest to Californians.

The California Initiative Review is published on-line before every election in which statewide ballot measures will appear. The Special Election edition for November 2005, features reports on all eight ballot measures. The editor of the CIR this time around was Albert Lundeen. The student authors in order of their propositions are as follows:

  • Proposition 73: Stephanie Keeney and Annalissa Ward
  • Proposition 74: Juliette Tognetti and Alan Lee
  • Proposition 75: Nathan Barankin and Ira Jerry Clary
  • Proposition 76: Jason Hauer
  • Proposition 77: James Lynch and Melissa Maradiegue
  • Proposition 78: Tanisha Worthy
  • Proposition 79: Jennifer Lucchesi
  • Proposition 80: Amanda Kirchner and Kelly Nordli