McGeorge School of Law

Law Students and Faculty Offer to Help New Orleans

September 2, 2005

An Offer to Help All Law Students and Law Faculty at Tulane University and the University of Loyola, New Orleans from McGeorge.

Law students at all levels (J.D. and LLM) or faculty members from Tulane or Loyola-New Orleans. McGeorge will rely upon LSAC for verification of matriculation at Tulane or Loyola, New Orleans.

How Long: The fall 2005 semester or the 2005-2006 academic year, the latter depending on the policies of Tulane and Loyola, New Orleans.

Tuition/Fees: Pacific McGeorge will waive all tuition and fees for the fall 2005 semester if the student has paid tuition to Tulane or Loyola, New Orleans. If necessary, the same offer will be extended to the spring 2006 semester.

Academic Support: The faculty at McGeorge will assist students in transitioning and will tutor students as necessary. Student mentors will be provided.

Housing: McGeorge will provide emergency housing on a temporary basis and will work with students to secure permanent housing.