McGeorge School of Law

McCaffrey Involved In Three International Projects

September 14, 2004

Professor Steve McCaffrey returned on June 13 from a 19-day trip to Africa and the Middle East that saw him involved in three consultant projects involving international water resources issues. He spent three days (May 28-30) in Nairobi, Kenya, working with United Nations Environment Programme officials on the UNEP water program. Professor Gregory Weber and McCaffrey co-wrote a UNEP water guidebook that is being translated into French and Spanish. He also worked with recent graduate Jeff Reed, whom he helped get an internship position in the UNEP legal office. In Entebbe, Uganda (May 31-June 4), Professor McCaffrey served as legal adviser to the Nile River Basin Negotiating Committee, which has begun its final round of negotiations. He will return to Entebbe in September. In Ramallah (June 6-13), he continued work on the British-funded project he has been involved in since 1999 that aims at assisting the Palestinian Authority (effectively the Palestinian government) in preparing for final status negotiations with Israel. McGeorge student Judeh Bahnan, whose family is from Ramallah, is involved in the project as an intern for the summer. McCaffrey met with the head of the Palestinian Water Authority in Ramallah, the Palestinian Minister of Planning. One issue under discussion was the "Red-Dead Canal" that would convey water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, taking advantage of the some 400 drop in elevation to produce electricity that would drive a desalination plant. Fresh water would then be pumped back up to Amman and the vicinity of Jerusalem.