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International Students Include Iraqi Attorney

September 23, 2010

2010 International Students

2010 International Students

McGeorge has another large contingent of international students on campus this fall, including its first-ever law graduate from Iraq, Samir Alazawi, who holds an LL.B. from the University of Baghdad.

Alazawi Samir is an Iraqi lawyer who immigrated to the United States a year ago. In Iraq, he practiced for many years in the areas of contract law and commercial law, and more recently, he was a consultant to American contractors on procurement issues for Iraq. He hopes to take the California exam after completing an LLM in Public Law & Policy. Recent immigrants Lucia Leavitt and Violeta Ebert, Moldova, Razvan Ionita and Catalina Serbu, Romania, are also in that program along with Elena Wilson, Russia/USA, Lawrence Manzi, Rwanda, and Danielle Brown, Gagandeep Grewal and Margaret Felts, '00, USA.

LLM in Transnational Business Practice enrollment includes four attorneys from China, Xin Dong, China; Ying Xu, Bing Wang, Rui Zhang, and three from Saudi Arabia, Saud Al-Roweilly, Bander Alshammari, and Sultan Altwerqi. Others in the program include Haykanush Parsamyan, Armenia, Diana Wunderlich, Germany, Gaetano D'Alessandro, Italy, Jagadish Shrestha, Nepal, Enahoro Odion-Ugbesia, Nigeria, Malgorzata Moszoro, Poland/USA, Anton Petrov, Russia, and Thomas Preston, USA.

There are three students in the LLM in Experiential Law Teaching program - Tetiana Shamrai and Sviatoslav Tkachuk, Ukraine, and Yu Weiquan, China. Idowu Adetogun, Botswana/Nigeria, Ram Babu Dhakal, Nepal, Maria Milanes-Murcia, Spain, and Wen-Lu Wang, Taiwan, are in the International Water Resources Law program. All four are working on their JSD degree dissertations.

Benoit de Corbisier and Marie Laure Van Caloen from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and Guillermo Cabrera from Francisco de Vitoria University in Spain are JD international exchange students.