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McGeorge Courtroom

You can make a difference in the future of legal education! Discover how your name can become a living legacy in the McGeorge Courtroom.

Hailed as the "Courtroom of the Future" when it was built in 1973, the McGeorge Courtroom has undergone renovations to modernize it and integrate 21st Century technology.

The Courtroom has provided an ideal setting for training future attorneys to be masterful advocates with highly effective trial skills for four decades. The extensive renovations will enhance our students' ability to train as future litigators for decades to come. The renovated facility includes computer and video technology for the presentation of evidence and consultations at a distance. New microphones, flat screen monitors, cameras, and a state-of-the-art media center enhance the flexibility and ease of communication within the space. The Courtroom is complete with two jury deliberation rooms, a witness stand, a court clerk desk, and a large gallery.

You have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by making a naming gift within the Courtroom. Your name will be prominent as the Courtroom is used by our student competition teams and the National Ethics Trial Competition, not to mention the award-winning Anthony M. Kennedy Inns of Court and McGeorge MCLE events. And now, the space will be available for local attorneys, law firms, and community groups to conduct jury selections and trial simulations, as well as for community focus group activities.

Your name will make an impression on many leaders in the legal community.

Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities Graphic

  • Jury Deliberation Room — $100,000
  • Mock Trial Awards Lobby — $75,000
  • Judicial Bench — $50,000
  • Alternate Jury Room — $50,000
  • Jury Box — $50,000
  • A/V Control Center — $25,000
  • Courtroom Podium — $25,000
  • Defense Counsel Desk — $25,000
  • Plaintiff's Counsel Desk — $25,000
  • Court Clerk Desk — Named by William P. '78 and Judy Yee in honor of the dedicated Court Clerks at the Sacramento Superior Court
  • Witness Stand — Named by Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP
  • White Leather Chair — $1,000
  • Gallery Chair — $500
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