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Off-Campus Housing

Sacramento has a number of housing options. For information about available Sacramento housing, stop by the Housing Office to pick up a general information sheet or check out the Housing Rent Board, conveniently posted in the Administration Building and on a glass-encased bulletin board on the exterior Administration brick wall on the Quad side.

Areas popular with Sacramento Campus students


  • Curtis Park (light blue) — Adjacent to the campus on the west side of Freeway 99, within walking or bike-riding distance.
  • Land Park (red) — West of Curtis Park, between Broadway and Florin Road to the Sacramento River; 10 minute car commute to campus.
  • Little Pocket (orange) — Sacramento River to I-5, from Captains Table Road to 43rd Avenue; a 15- to 20-minute commute to campus with easy access to I-5.
  • Midtown/East Sacramento (yellow) — East of the Capitol and downtown, from "E" Street to Broadway on both sides of Capitol City Freeway (from 21st Street to 45th Street); five to seven minutes from campus; direct public bus service to some of the area.
  • Greenhaven (green) — Sacramento River to Freeport Blvd, from 43rd Avenue to Florin Road, sometimes called the "Pocket Area"; 15-20 minute car commute to campus with easy access to I-5.
  • Arden Arcade/College Greens (blue) — North and south of the American River near California State University off Howe and Watt Avenues from Route 50; 15 minute car commute to campus.
  • Natomas (purple) — North of downtown and the American River off I-5 on both sides of the freeway; 10-15 minute car commute to campus with easy access to I-5.
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