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Form for Reserved ADR Slots

Fulfilling the ADR Prerequisite — The ADR Prerequisite for either Mediation Clinics can be satisfied by successful completion of our course in Mediation, or Negotiations & Settlements, or Alternative Dispute Resolution, or a non-credit basic 40-hour mediation course with the approval of the faculty. These ADR courses fill up quickly during the Fall and Spring semesters. 2D/2E/3E students are generally not able to get into them, so careful planning is required. You need to complete the ADR Prerequisite during 2D, 2E or 3E year or during summer school (two ADR courses are offered this summer).

A limited number of spaces in ADR classes during the Fall and Spring semesters are reserved each year for 2D, 2E and 3E students who want to participate in one of the mediation clinics. To be considered for one of those spaces, you must complete the form below by May 31, 2015.

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