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Course Title
Administrative Adjudication Clinic
Administrative Law
Adv. Trial Advocacy- Lecture
Advanced Appellate Advocacy Seminar
Advanced Criminal Procedure
Advanced Legal Research - Blended
Advanced Torts
Advanced Trial Advocacy
Affordable Care Act Seminar
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternatives to Litigation in Family Law
American Legal History Seminar
Animal Law
Arbitration: Advocacy & Practice
Art of Plea Bargaining
Assessment & Review - 1st Year
Banking Law
Bankruptcy Clinic
Bankruptcy Survey
Bioethics: Life and Death
Business Associations
Business Planning
Business Transactions: The Art of the Deal
CA Civil Pretrial Litigation
CA Enviro. Cases & Places
California Craft Beer Law
California Employment Law Practicum
California Initiative Seminar
California Lobbying & Politics
California Parole Hearings and Litigation
Capital Punishment Law
Civil Procedure
Civil Rights History for Modern Lawyers
Civil Rights Litigation
Climate Change Law & Policy
Commercial Law
Commercial Law for Foreign Investors in Guatemala
Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Community Property
Comparative E.U. and U.S. Constitutional Law
Compliance in the HealthCare Industry
Computer and Internet Law
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Law
Contracts/Analytical Skills
Copyright Law
Corporate Governance
Corrupt Foreign Practices
Criminal Appellate Advocacy Clinic
Criminal Law
Criminal Law Defenses
Criminal Pretrial Litigation
Criminal Procedure
Critical Race Theory
Cybersecurity Law and Policy
Directed Research
Directed Research, Graduate Level
Doing Business in China
Drafting Laws and Regulations
Elder & Health Law Clinic
Elder Law and Social Policy
Election Law
Election Law
Employment Law
Employment Law Practice
Entertainment Law
Entrepreneurial Management
Entrepreneurship Lab: The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Environmental Law
Environmental Practice
Environmental Protection and International Law in Latin America
Estate and Gift Tax/Estate Planning
European Union- Inst. & Values
European Union Law
European Union Law for International Business
Evidence (ITAP)
Expert and Scientific Evidence
Externship Sem. in Practice
Externship Sem. in Practice
Externship - Seminar
Family Law
Federal Courts
Federal Defender Clinic
Federal Habeas Corpus
Federal Income Taxation
Federal Pretrial/Trial Litigation Seminar
Federal Securities Regulation
Field Placement - Administrative Law
Field Placement - Business and Tax Law
Field Placement - Criminal Justice
Field Placement - Environmental Law
Field Placement - General Civil Law
Field Placement - Government Practice
Field Placement - Health Law
Field Placement - Immigration and Related Law
Field Placement - Judicial Externship
Field Placement - Legislative Process
Field Placement - Semester in Practice
Field Placement - Special Externship
Financial Literacy for Lawyers
First Amendment
Foreign Investment and Development
Foundations of Water, Natural Resources and Environmental Law Practice 1
Freedom of Expression in Europe and the U.S.
From Crisis to Brexit: Current Affairs in EU Law
Fundamental Rights in Europe and the United States
Global Business Development Law Journal
Global Health Law
Global Infrastructure Development
Global Lawyering Skills I
Global Lawyering Skills II
Health Law
HIPAA Privacy - Health Law
Honors Legal Writing Seminar
Housing Mediation Clinic
Immigration Law and Policy
Immigration Law Clinic
Insurance Law
Integrated Trial Advocacy
International and Foreign Legal Research
International Arbitration
International Banking
International Business Agreements
International Business Transactions
International Commercial Arbitration
International Criminal Law
International Dispute Resolution
International Economic Law
International Environmental Law
International Negotiations
International Protection of Human Rights
International Trade Law and Development
International Trade- Public Aspects
International Water Resources Law Seminar
Int'l Environmental Law
Introduction to Capital Lawyering
Introduction to Legal Analysis
Introduction to Space Law
Juvenile Law
Labor Law
Land Finance Law
Land Use Planning
Law and Economics of Wine
Law and Literature
Law and Politics
Law Review Seminar
Lawmaking in California
Lawyering Across Borders
Leading in the Law
Legal Problem Solving for Construction Clients
Legal Profession
Legal Spanish for U.S. Lawyers
Legislation and Statutory Interpretation
Legislative and Public Policy Clinic
LLM Legal Research, Writing and Analysis I
LLM Legal Research, Writing and Analysis II
Local Agency Practice
Make-up Class
Marijuana Law Seminar
Master's Thesis
Mental Health - Policy & Law
Mock Trial Team
Moot Court Competition Teams
Moot Court Competition Teams
Municipal Innovation Seminar
Natural Resources Law
Navigating HR in Health Care
Negotiating Disputes Into Deals
Negotiation and Settlements Seminar
Pacific Law Review - Editors
Pacific Law Review - Staff
Pacific Legislative Law Review
Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal Board of Editors
Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal Staff
Patent Law
Patent Prosecution
Persuasive Public Speaking
Practical Analysis, Strategies, & Skills (PASS) I (3)
Practical Analysis, Strategies, & Skills (PASS) II (3)
Practice Skills for Eminent Domain Lawyers
Principles of Legal Analysis I
Principles of Legal Analysis II
Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic
Professional Responsibility
Public Authority in Use
Public Health Law
Public International Law
Remedies and Principles of Law
Representing Local Agencies
Securities Enforcement
Sexual Orientation and Gender ID
Skills Lab- Torts
Small Business Law Clinic
Small Business Seminar
Spanish Language Academy
Special Topics in Environmental Law
Sports Law
Statutes and Regulations
Street Law International
Survey of Intellectual Property Law
Survey of International Tax
Sustainable Development and Trade
Taking and Defending Depositions
Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
Taxation of Partnerships and S Corporations
Taxation of Real Estate Transactions
The Business of Lawyering
Trademark Law
Transnational Lawyering
Transnational Litigation
Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy - Lecture
Trial Evidence
Trial Evidence
Trial Skills in Family Law
U.S. & International Sale of Goods
U.S. Antitrust and International Competition Law
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions
U.S./Lat Amer. Foreign Relation
United Nations: Law and Practice
Visiting Program/Off Campus
Water and Environmental Research Seminar
Water Resources Law
White Collar Crime
Wills and Trusts
Worker's Compensation Law
Written Discovery