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Law Enforcement Authority & Relationship with City of Sacramento

The Sacramento Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the City of Sacramento. Because McGeorge School of Law is within the city’s jurisdiction, all criminal activity is reported to the city police. McGeorge Public Safety officers have constant radio communication with the city police dispatch center and work closely with city officers. McGeorge Public Safety Officers receive their law enforcement authority through a Memorandum of Understanding agreement between the City of Sacramento and McGeorge School of Law as required by the State of California. Under the terms of this agreement, the Sacramento Police Department provides 911 dispatch services for the McGeorge Public Safety Department.

McGeorge officers are P.O.S.T. trained with the powers of arrest while on duty. They enforce all campus and school policies, and provide other security services as required. Their authority is limited to the boundaries of McGeorge School of Law property, including land, structures, streets, roadways, and parking lots. Public Safety Officers do not have authority to enforce rules, policies, or laws off school property. McGeorge Public Safety Officers monitor Sacramento Police Department radio channels and will be dispatched to respond to incidents reported on campus. All McGeorge Public Safety Officers are authorized to carry firearms while on duty.

McGeorge students and employees are encouraged to report any criminal activity on campus of which they are aware to McGeorge Public Safety Officers or to the Sacramento Police Department. Prompt and accurate reports are an important factor enabling the Public Safety Department to fulfill its responsibilities and provide crime prevention services.

Daily Crime Logs

A daily crime log is maintained and is available for public view on the bulletin board outside of the Director of Public Safety’s office. Safety alerts are widely distributed and posted on bulletin boards in residence and academic halls and in other conspicuous places around the campus to properly alert the community of violent incidents that may occur on or near the McGeorge campus.