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Preparing for the interview

Mock Interviews — The CDO hosts an Alumni/Faculty Mock Interview program where faculty and alumni conduct mock interviews and provide detailed feedback to student participants. Students and graduates may also schedule mock interviews with a Career Advisor throughout the year, make an appointment with a Career Advisor by logging into McGeorgeCareersOnline (MCO).

Research employers — Employer websites contain a wealth of information that can help you tailor every aspect of your job search — from deciding to pursue opportunities there, all the way through interviewing, and deciding whether you want to accept an offer.

Dress for success,,

Interviewing tips

Have follow up questions prepared to ask employers (Do you have any questions for us?) —

After the interview

Thank you note — You already know that a thank you note should be sent within 24 hours of your interview. But what form should it take? And what should it say? While a hand written note on professional stationery is best, an email thank you note is acceptable when you know that your interviewer has a tight timeline for making a decision. Go beyond "it was nice meeting you and I enjoyed hearing about your firm" to mention an anecdote offered by your interviewer or something interesting you discussed--whether it was college basketball or recent developments in employment law. A good thank you note won't in and of itself get you the job, but it might be a tiebreaker. Failing to send a thank you note can put you in the "never mind" pile.

How to follow up after the interview

What to expect at a callback interview — A callback interview is an indication of significant interest on the employer's part. You should feel confident going into the call back that you already have made a positive impression. The employer has decided, in essence, that you can do the work and that you appear to fit the office culture.

When do you respond to offers

What if I need more time to decide