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Using the Job Search Agent on McGeorgeCareersOnline

September 26, 2012

Tags: CDO, 2013

Your career and job search just got easier!

Job search agents enable students (and post-grads) to set specified search criteria for job postings and schedule an email alert to be sent on a regular basis with those results. Additionally, the search agent is a saved detailed search, so users can review the latest search results at any time without waiting for an email. Follow these tips to get started.

Adding a Search Agent

To add a search agent, go to the Jobs tab, then select the Advanced Search subtab. In the Search Agent field, place a check mark next to the "Save As" field and type a title for the search agent. Set the desired criteria in the fields below and click Submit. The search agent will be listed under the Search Agents subtab; to have it run on a regular basis, see "Scheduling a Search Agent" below.

Editing, Deleting, and Running a Search Agent

To edit or delete a search agent, go to Jobs, select the subtab "Search Agents," and click the Edit or Delete button. A search agent may be run at any time by clicking the Run button, so users do not have to wait for an email and will get real-time results in the Search Results tab.

Scheduling a Search Agent

Once the search agent is created in the Advanced Search subtab, click into it under the Search Agent subtab by clicking the label or the Schedule button in the Options column. To have it run regularly, click into the specific search agent, select Yes in the Enabled field, and set the desired frequency of the search agent by setting the Period and Multiple fields. If the Period is set to week and the multiple is set to two, then the search agent will run every two weeks. The search agent will run the schedule search automatically and email the results of the query.