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So, What do YOU do? Your Elevator Speech in Five Seconds or Fewer ...

May 9, 2013

Tags: CDO, 2013

Two weeks ago, I attended a national conference for legal career professionals. Here are five tips I took away from Lisa Montanaro, expert business strategist and success coach, about making the most of your "elevator speech."

    1. Start with a five-second pitch. The goal here is to start a conversation.
    2. Don't speak the way you write. Again, the goal is to start a conversation.
    3. Read the person with whom you're talking - if she is giving you a blank stare, try letting her talk — often, the blank stare is because the person is planning what they're going to say next and has stopped listening to you.
    4. Practice saying your pitch out loud; get feedback from friends and family.
    5. Be willing to forgo your pitch entirely. If a conversation is flowing nicely, don't force your pitch.

— Molly Stafford, Director, CDO