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Networking Success Stories -- Opportunities Are Everywhere!

April 23, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, the CDO asked for your best stories about a successful networking experience as part of our 3L Sprint to the Finish Facebook Contest. Congratulations to Jessica McCall and Alex Fischl, who both submitted fantastic networking stories that will inspire all of you to get out there and connect! Here are their stories.

Jessica McCall

Jessica McCall"One of my networking experiences occurred at a Barrister's Event. I started talking with Justice Scotland. The conversation went so well that we discovered that we had a lot of similarities, such as going to the same high school, middle school, law school, and liking a lot of the same things. As a result of that discussion Justice Scotland made arrangements for me to attend a Lobbyist Seminar because I told him I was interested in becoming a lobbyist.

I learned a lot at the lobbyist seminar and would not have been able to attend that event but for my networking with Justice Scotland. And to top it off, Justice Scotland invited me to be his guest at the Women's Lawyering Luncheon. I was a featured guest and ended up acquiring more relationships from that event."

Alex Fischl

"The most unexpected networking experience that I had that paid off took place at a Thanksgiving dinner that I attended in November 2011.

Alex FischlI was attending a dinner in Los Angeles hosted by a friend of my mom's and was introduced to her daughter's fiancé's mother who ended up being the head of the CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing. We began a casual conversation about her department and what they do, and by the time dessert was served I had an offer for a summer internship opportunity!

I ended up interning at DFEH last summer and it was a great experience that taught me a lot! Most productive Thanksgiving ever!"

Thanks for sharing, ladies.