Student Voices

Benjamin J. Codog III

Benjamin J. Codog III
Year/Track: 2015
Hometown: Linden, CA
Major: B.S., Business Finance

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Completion of all first-year Day or Evening courses is required before students may enroll in electives.

For details, such as class times, class locations and faculty teaching these courses, please refer to our Academic Schedule.

For more information about the courses, please refer to our Course Descriptions.


Accounting for Lawyers 2 Spring
Administrative Law 3 Fall
Advanced Appellate Advocacy Seminar 2 Spring
Advanced Criminal Procedure 2 Spring
Advanced Intellectual Property Seminar 2 Spring
Advanced International Business Transactions 3 Spring
Advanced Trial Advocacy 3 Spring
Advanced Water Resources 2 Spring
Advanced Legal Research 2 Fall
American Legal History Seminar 2 Fall
Antitrust Law 3 Spring
Banking Law 3 Fall
Bankruptcy 3 Both
Business Transactions: The Art of the Deal 2 Spring
California Employment Law Practicum 2 Spring
California Initiative Seminar 2 Fall
Civil Pretrial Litigation 2 Spring
Civil Rights Litigation 2 Spring
Conflict of Laws 3 Fall
Commercial Law 3 Fall
Comparative Latin American Law 2 Spring
Computer Assisted Litigation 3 Fall
Computer & Internet Law 3 Fall
Copyright Law 3 Spring
Criminal Pretrial Litigation 2 Spring
Current Issues in Securities Regulation 3 Spring
Elder Law & Social Policy 3 Fall
Employment Law 3 Fall
Entertainment Law 2 Fall
Environmental Law 3 Spring
Estate & Gift Tax/Estate Planning 3 Fall
European Union: Crisis and Democracy 1 Fall
Family Law 3 Fall
Federal Courts 3 Spring
Federal Income Taxation 3 Both
Federal Indian Law 3 Spring
First Amendment Law 3 Spring
Foundations of Water Law 1 2 Fall
Foundations of Water Law 2 2 Spring
Habeas Corpus Seminar 2 Fall
Health Law 3 Fall
Health Law Policy 2 Spring
Immigration & Naturalization Law 3 Fall
Insurance Law 3 Fall
International Banking 2 Spring
International Business Agreements 1 Spring
International Business Transactions 3 Fall
International Criminal Law 2 Spring
International Commercial Arbitration 3 Fall
International Environmental Law 3 Fall
International & Foreign Legal Research 2 Spring
International Intellectual Property 2 Spring
International Investment Law 3 Spring
International Protection of Human Rights 3 Spring
International Trade — Public Aspects 3 Fall
International Water Resources Law Seminar 3 Spring
Land Finance Law 2 Spring
Land Use Planning 2 Spring
Law of Armed Conflict 2 Spring
Law & Literature 2 Fall
Legal Spanish for U.S. Lawyers 2 Spring
Legislation/Statutory Interpretation 3 Spring
Legislative Decision-Making: Power & Influence in California 2 Spring
Legislative Process, Strategy & Ethics Class 2 Fall
Mediation 3 Both
National Security Law 2 Both
Natural Resources Law 3 Both
Negotiation & Settlements 3 Both
Negotiation & Settlements Seminar 2 Fall
Patent Law 3 Spring
Patent Prosecutions 2 Spring
Practical & Persuasive Legal Writing 2 Both
Problems in Criminal Justice: Criminal Defense & Prosecution Ethics 2 Fall
Public Education Law 3 Spring
Public International Law 3 Fall
Public Policy Development 2 Fall
Securities Regulation 3 Fall
Sexual Orientation & Law 2 Spring
Special Topics in Environmental Law: Ocean and Coastal Law 2 or 3 Spring
Sports Law 2 Spring
Street Law International 3 Spring
Survey of Intellectual Property 3 Fall
Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders 3 Fall
Taxation of Partnerships & S Corporations 3 Spring
Taxation of Real Estate Transactions 3 Spring
The Business of Lawyering 2 Spring
Trademark Law 2 Fall
Transnational Litigation 3 Spring
Trial Advocacy 3 Both
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions 3 Spring
Water and Energy Law Seminar 1 Fall
Water Resources Law 3 Fall
Water Resources Law Practice 1 3 Fall
Water Resources Law Practice 2 3 Spring
White Collar Crime 2 Fall