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Kitty Tetrault

Kitty Tetrault
Year/Track: 2016
Hometown: Roseville, California
Major: History/ Political Science

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General Civil Law Field Placement | Course 954

Students will perform on-site legal work as externs under the supervision of field placement supervisors in government agencies or non-profit entities which specialize in the practice of civil law. This is an umbrella course which includes placement sites that do not easily fit into other externship categories. Placement site and practice descriptions are set for in Directory of Field Placements via the links below, or in the Field Placement Program Office. The Field Placement Director will help students find an appropriate placement, and must approve each student’s registration. (P/F)

  • Attorney General (Civil) — Correctional Law
  • Attorney General (Civil) — Employment, Regulation & Administration
  • Attorney General (Civil) — Tort and Condemnation
  • Attorney General (Public Rights) — Tobacco Litigation and Enforcement Section
  • California Emergency Management Agency
  • City Attorney's Office — City of Elk Grove
  • City Attorney's Office — City of Folsom
  • City Attorney's Office — City of Roseville
  • City Attorney's Office — City of Sacramento
  • City Attorney's Office — City of San Francisco
  • Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  • Fair Political Practices Commission
  • Fair Political Practices Commission — Enforcement Division
  • Pacific Justice Institute
  • Pacific Legal Foundation
  • Regional Human Rights/Fair Housing Commission
  • San Joaquin County Counsel
  • United States Attorney — Civil Division

Current Students

For our latest and up-to-date information, including detailed listings and descriptions of all the placements, or to schedule your appointment online, and learn about our Externship Programs visit us on our TWEN page: Field Placement Program: General Program Information, Office Hours and Calendar.


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