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Megan Donaghey

Megan Donaghey
Year/Track: 2017
Hometown: Niles, Ohio
Major: Bachelor’s degree in general studies and M.B.A, both from Kent

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Judicial Field Placement

The Honorable Consuelo Callahan Hosted a Judicial Reception in her Chambers in August 2013.

Judicial Externs Share Experiences

October 29, 2013

Tags: Externships

Students who excel academically at McGeorge, are eligible to apply for the coveted judicial externships. This high level work is invaluable to anyone who sees themselves working in a courtroom.

"... I would highly recommend judicial externships to anybody interested. Even as a bankruptcy extern I was exposed to a wide variety of practice areas. As an extern last semester, I was lucky enough to watch the NBA-Sacramento Kings hearings, the Stockton bankruptcy case, as well as many very interesting jury trials, said Mahavir Jorgani, who did a bankruptcy externship with Judge McManus'. "[A]ny law student who sees themselves in a courtroom one day should seek any judicial externship opportunities available."

Bankruptcy is not the only exciting field to accept judicial externs. Allison Cross externed with the Third District Court of Appeals after learning about the placement at an information session. When asked about her most memorable experience, she said, "[s]electing a "most memorable experience" is difficult, because it truly was the highlight of my law-school career. That said, being able to take a case from start to finish — from reading the briefs, to reviewing the record, researching the issues, drafting an opinion, discussing the matter with the assigned Justice, redrafting, and submitting the draft for review by the other justices on panel — is an intrinsically rewarding experience." With the dismal prospective job market, Allison knows this experience will give her a leg up.

The last judge that we will spotlight is the Honorable Judge Consuelo Callahan. Many of us have seen her on campus, at school functions, and perhaps have even been inside her courtroom. Kaitlyn Sommer actually had the chance to extern with her, as one of her clerks. "The skills that I learned through my field placement are skills that I will actually be able to use as a lawyer, which is completely different from the theoretical skills that I learned during most of my law school classes ..." Sommer said that she will be "much more prepared to start off on the right foot" on the first day of her new career. When asked if she had any disclaimers about the Field Placement program, she said, "Only word of caution is not to graduate law school without taking part in the field placement program."