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Environmental Concentration Requirements & Curriculum

Students must complete the requirements listed below.

With prior written approval, the Concentration Director may vary the requirements of this program in individual cases for good cause. The Concentration requires a minimum of 13 units.

Requirement One

  • Complete both core courses, Administrative Law and Environmental Law, preferably during their second year if enrolled in the full-time day program, or their third year if enrolled in the part-time evening program.
  • Complete at least five (5) units of elective course offerings. Students are encouraged to participate in an Environmental Law Externship. A maximum of three (3) units may be earned toward the elective courses requirement in an Environmental Law Externship.
  • Complete the capstone seminar during their third year if enrolled in the full-time day program, or their fourth year if enrolled in the part-time evening program. The capstone seminar will be offered during the Spring semester and will require a substantial scholarly paper.

Core Courses

Required Core Courses (complete both)Units
Administrative Law 3
Environmental Law 3
Capstone CourseUnits
Special Topics in Environmental Law (Ocean and Costal Law)1 2 or 3

1 Ocean and Costal Law is the topic for Spring 2018.


Elective Courses (complete five (5) units

Strongly RecommendedUnits
Externship with an environmental or water law focus (Advance written approval required; a maximum of three Externship units may be earned towards the elective courses requirement.) 3
Additional ElectivesUnits
CA Enviro. Cases & Places 2
International Environmental Law 2 or 3
International Water Resources Law Seminar 3
Land Use Planning 2
Natural Resources Law 3
Water Resources Law 2-3
Environmental Practice





Contact Rachael Salcido, Director of the Environmental Law Concentration
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