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Criminal Justice Concentration Requirements & Curriculum

The Criminal Justice Concentration curriculum is selected to provide students seeking a career in criminal law with a firm foundation in that field. To earn the Concentration in Criminal Justice, students must fulfill requirements one and two below, earning a minimum of 14 units. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure do not count toward the required 14 units. Advanced Criminal Procedure does count toward the required 14 units.

Requirement One

  • Complete Advanced Criminal Procedure.
  • Complete one Legal Scholarship course.
  • Complete one Substantive Criminal Justice course.
  • Complete one additional course from either Legal Scholarship or Substantive Criminal Justice.
  • Complete one Clinical course.

Requirement Two

  • Complete one additional course from the Legal Scholarship, Substantive Criminal Justice, or Advocacy/Evidence courses listed below.

Advanced Criminal Procedure

Advanced Criminal Procedure 2 or 3


Legal Scholarship Courses (other courses allowed with approval of the Director)

Capital Punishment Law 3
Criminal Law Defenses 2
Directed Research 2
Problems in Criminal Justice 2 or 3


Substantive Criminal Justice Courses

Habeas Corpus Seminar 2
Juvenile Law 2
Sentencing and Post-Conviction Remedies 2
White Collar Crime 2


Clinical Courses (other courses allowed with approval of the Director)

California District Attorney's Association 3
Criminal Appellate Advocacy Clinic 3
Criminal Justice Legal Foundation 3
Department of Corrections 3
District Attorney's Office 3
Federal Public Defender 3
Governor's Office of Criminal Justice Planning 3
Parole Representation Clinic 3
Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic 3
Public Defender Juvenile Law Office 3
Public Defender Office 3
State Public Defender Office 3
United States Attorney's Office 3


Advocacy/Evidence Courses

Advanced Trial Advocacy 3
Criminal Pretrial Litigation 2
Expert and Scientific Evidence 2
Trial Advocacy 3


Contact John Myers, Director of the Criminal Justice Concentration
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