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Bar Preparation & Mentoring

Practical & Persuasive Legal Writing Course

Each semester, Pacific McGeorge offers a 10-week, two (2)-unit elective course called Practical and Persuasive Legal Writing (PPLW) to students in the final year of law school. PPLW is designed to demystify the upcoming bar exam, and is offered as a precursor to a post-graduation commercial bar review course.

Students in PPLW write actual past California Bar Exam essays and performance tests and receive extensive, individualized feedback on their answers. The course sections are taught in small groups by a team of accomplished California attorneys. Neil Gieleghem, a McGeorge alumnus, ex-bar grader, and experienced bar tutor is the author of Practical & Persuasive Legal Writing Course Materials (available for about $20 in the McGeorge Bookstore).

PPLW is required for students in the Directed Study Program, but all Pacific McGeorge students are encouraged to enroll. PPLW students must be in their final year of study at Pacific McGeorge; but because the class focuses on skills and not substance, students do not need to wait until the semester before taking the bar exam to take PPLW. In fact, many spring graduates who took the course in the fall report that it was beneficial in helping them raise their fall and spring law school exam scores.

Additional Feedback Program

During the winter and summer bar preparation periods, Pacific McGeorge graduates may also participate in the free Additional Feedback Program. Alumni taking advantage of this program may submit designated essay and performance test practice exams for detailed, individualized feedback. Please watch the "McGeorge Bar Prep" Facebook Page and/or the McGeorge Bar Prep Blog for the schedule, which will be posted shortly after graduation.

Professor Lee is also available to counsel students and alumni who are studying to pass the California Bar Examination, whether they are taking it for the first time or trying again.