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Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith
Year Graduated: 1993
Title: Founder & Owner, Cogent Legal
Area of Practice:

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Sergiy Fedorov

Sergiy Fedorov

Attorney at Law, Law Office of Sergiy Fedorov
Area of Practice: Business Law; Immigration Law
Year Graduated: 2014

Hometown: Ukraine
Undergraduate: LL.B. from Kiev National University, Ukraine


I was born in Ukraine and in my youth used to live in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Russia (former Soviet Union).

In 1989, I got my J.D. from the Law Department of Kiev National University, Ukraine, with a median A- grade.

During late '80s computers entered our lives. I got excited in the possibilities to use them for academic study and legal practice. My areas of interest included legal databases and legal expert systems. For my academic merits in law and informatics study, I was awarded to join Kiev National University Law Department Graduate School in 1989.

Soon, after the year of study in KNU Graduate School, United States IREX program admitted me to pass exams and apply for graduate study in the U.S. universities. I was accepted in 1990 by the Maxwell School of Syracuse University Political Science Department to specialize on Artificial Intelligence methods for Political Science and was awarded teaching assistantship. In 1993 I received a M.A. in Political Science and left for Ukraine.

During 1994-2006, I worked in Ukraine as a private lawyer and partner in several Ukrainian law firms on various legal matters including commercial, investment and IP law. I did consulting on Ukrainian business practice laws, registering investments coming to the Ukraine, registering copyrights and trademarks in Russia and Ukraine, suing for protection of IP rights in Ukraine. In 1995, first in the Ukraine, me and my partners in Finlex-Invest company, Kiev, Ukraine, have developed and implemented for Bank Arkada, Kiev, Ukraine, a legal scheme for securing persons' group investment in multi-flat house construction through the bank investment bonds. Lately Ukrainian home construction securities legislation and regulation was built based on that scheme.

During 1994, I completed a course work with the State Property Fund of Ukraine and got certification in Financial brokerage and Management of securities.

In 2006, I headed one of the first non-government arbitration courts in Ukraine under the Association LIGA-PARITET and practiced there as an arbitration judge for three years. At that time, NGA courts were not just another branch of judicial power but a major pass-through citizens could get fast, fair, non-political biased and non-corrupt judicial decisions. I personally resolved about 100 cases during those three years. I've published in Ukrainian magazines, took part in professional conferences and other public events, popularizing NGA concept.

Since 2005, I participated hardly in political and civil movements. I personally ran for several municipal and parliament elections. I've also done a lot of legal work for political parties and NGOs, like complete legal work accompanying election process of a candidate or a political party block, or filing class actions against the state for protecting Ukrainian-born retired Jewish, who moved to Israel, to get their pensions and retirement benefits earned back in the Soviet Union.

Comparing participation of people in law making in the Ukraine, I realized that common law system provides individuals much more means to protect their rights through courts. It is something, that otherwise would require significant political action in the country of civil legal system. Judges, lawyers and legal academicians in the U.S. participate in rule and law making, not leaving it just to the legislature and government.

I want to learn more about the U.S. legal system and got excited about the opportunity to study law at McGeorge School of Law, in the capitol of most influential state of the United States.

Beside the law, I enjoy software programming, biking, hiking, swimming and outside activities with open-fire food-making.

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