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Student Membership

The Globe offers a variety of opportunities for Pacific McGeorge students to improve their legal advocacy skills in preparation for practice. Students also develop strong leadership skills by serving on the Board of Editors or as an associate editor during their last academic year. The Board of Editors, composed of five students, manage the entire selection, editing, and publication process.

Comment Staff Writers are expected to author a publishable article on an international law topic of their choice, called a "comment" or "case note." Comment Staff Writers must also participate in preparing scholarly works for publication by performing substantive, stylistic, and citation edits. Finally, these students are expected to participate, from time to time, in Globe events, including Pacific McGeorge Symposia and social gatherings.

In order to join the Globe, students ranking in the top half of their class, or in the top five of their Global Lawyering Skills class, are invited to solicit for a Comment Staff Writer position at the beginning of the Fall semester. The Comment Department, along with its counterpart from the McGeorge Law Review, organizes an anonymous writing and editing competition called "Solicitation." Solicitation is designed to identify the most qualified and motivated Pacific McGeorge students. The students who join the Globe and successfully complete the course requirements receive two (2) pass or honors units, and are exempt from taking Global Lawyering Skills (GLS) II. Please note that students who are exempt from taking GLS II will still be responsible for fulfilling the advocacy degree requirement.

Why solicit?

Participating on a legal journal as a Comment Staff Writer is a very exciting part of a legal education. There are numerous benefits to journal participation, including:

  • Publication — Comment Staff Writers have the unique opportunity to contribute directly to the law journal's substance. By editing articles for the Globe, Comment Staff Writers aid noted scholars and practitioners. Comment Staff Writers also have the chance to author and publish their own academic works on international law topics of their choice. The value of the opportunity to publish and contribute to a legal debate cannot be emphasized enough.
  • Skills and Career Building — Unquestionably, being a member of a law journal is an accomplishment virtually all employers seek. Students who have journal experience on their resume have a distinct competitive advantage, providing them with opportunities that may not be available without journal experience. Why is this so? Participating in a law journal improves essential advocacy and editing skills, familiarizes a student with popular legal citation formats, develops structured writing ability, and exposes students to exciting legal issues. Additionally, Comment Staff Writers are members of a community of students working toward a common goal. Relationships formed during this experience will provide valuable legal connections and networking opportunities well into one's professional career.
  • Academic — Law journal participation provides several academic advantages. In addition to receiving two (2) pass units and exemption from required coursework, Comment Staff Writers who have successfully performed as such are eligible to apply for one of the five Board of Editors positions and numerous associate editor positions during the following academic year.


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