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Erin Price

Erin Price
Hometown: Fair Oaks, Calif.
Major: Political Science

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California Initiative Forum

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Students will present their nonpartisan, objective analysis of each of the 17 ballot measures at the 2016 California Initiative Review Forum on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 5 p.m.

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Vitiello, Kelso Speak At Stanford Conference

June 23, 2006

Tags: Faculty & Scholarship, 2006

Professors Michael Vitiello and Clark Kelso were panelists at a California correctional and sentencing reform conference on May 5 at Stanford Law School sponsored by the new Stanford Center for Criminal Justice.

Vitiello and Kelso are the authors of “A Proposal for a Wholesale Reform of California’s Sentencing Practice and Policy,” 38 Loyola L. Rev. 101 2004. Kelso testified before the Little Hoover Commission on the same subject on April 27.