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Navraj Rai
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New Journal Features Student Articles

September 11, 2008

Tags: Student Life, 2008

The new McGeorge Law Review (Volume 39, Issue 4) contains two contributions from current students, three from recent graduates and a book review co-authored by Professor Charles Kelso.

Cameron Desmond, ’09, wrote a comment, “From Cities to Schoolyards: The Implications of an Individual Right to Bear Arms on the Constitutionality of Gun-Free Zones.” Oona Mallett, ’09, wrote “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe? A Call for a Legislative Response to the Judicial Interpretation of the Brown Act.”

Samuel Manteaw, LL.M. ’03, authored the lead article, “Legal Education in Africa: What Type of Lawyer Does Africa Need?” Daniel Croxall, ’08, wrote “Inferring Uniformity: Towards Deduction and Certainty in the Miranda Context.” Andrew Schouten,’08, wrote “Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business and the Mens Rea under the USA PATRIOT Act.”

Kelso and his son, Randall Kelso, a member of the faculty at the South Texas College of Law, reviewed The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court, a popular book by author Jeffrey Toobin.

There is also an article by Stanford Law School graduate Michael Pappas, “No Two-Stepping in the Laboratories: State Deference Standards and Their Implications for Improving the Chevron Doctrine.”