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Courtney Lee, Lawrence Levine, Emily Garcia Uhrig, Adrienne Brungess, and Michael Hunter Schwartz

McGeorge at AALS, Part III: Faculty Serving on Committees and As Officers

January 30, 2018

Tags: Centers of Distinction, Faculty & Scholarship, 2018

McGeorge faculty served on committees and won votes into various officer positions at the 2018 AALS Annual Meeting. Faculty also served at the podium as speakers or moderators, and organized and moderated various sessions.

Professor Adrienne Brungess served on the Outreach Committee for the Legal Writing & Research (LWRR) section of AALS at the 2018 Annual Meeting, which included hosting a welcome meet and greet, a walk/run along the marina, and a pre-LWRR event dinner.

Professor Emily Garcia Uhrig was voted onto the AALS Evidence Executive Committee.

Professor Courtney G. Lee is Chair Elect of the AALS Animal Law Section and AALS Academic Support Section.    

Professor Lawrence C. Levine was elected to the executive committee of the AALS Section on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues.  

Dean Michael H. Schwartz is the new Chair of the AALS Section for Deans and the Chair-Elect of the AALS Section for Socio-Economics. 

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